A route map approach for wind asset optimization

A multidisciplinary approach to optimizing wind assets, an invaluable support to gain control of assets at any point in their operational life.

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Keir Harman Keir Harman
Principal Engineer
Performance enhancement

Optimal wind asset operations are key to ensure that generation performance is high and guarantee favourable financial returns. The benefits of this robust and modular process are equally important for ageing operational wind turbines and newly installed farms.

Combined knowledge enables you to gain control of your assets
DNV GL has developed a route map approach to empower wind farms owners and operators to gain control of their assets, steer operating strategies and achieve financial goals. This integrated approach comprises specialist engineering expertise in turbine inspections, turbine engineering, wind resource and operational SCADA data analytics disciplines.

Rigorous approach
A systematic and rigorous approach allows our experts to analyse the assets and identify the best suitable solutions to achieve defined strategies.

During the assets status analysis phase, energy production, failures and down time are monitored and analysed to create a clear picture of an assets’ performance to date. The technical assessment phase is designed to select remedial or optimization measures. The final step includes a cost/benefit analysis leading to advice on the implementation of the different measures. This method has great potential to empower a switch in wind asset operation and optimization from a reactive approach to an active one.

A graphical representation of the phases and their aim is represented in Figure 1.1 and Figure 1.2.


Figure 1.1: Workflow representation of the 3 phases composing the route map for assets optimization


Figure 1.2: Graphic representation of the phases and optimization measures

Built on our unique expertise
DNV GL’s route map service is built on its expertise in pre- and post-construction engineering services, as well as its turbine design and analysis knowledge. In particular, DNV GL has pre-construction analysis experience of more than 200 GW of projects, knowledge of wind turbine design and analysis developed over 100’s of wind turbine models and asset operational analysis experience of over 50 GW of wind worldwide.